Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Mini's marvellous day

It’s half term, which means a change in routine. And not only that, Daddy has had an extra couple of days off because bank holiday and the extra bank holiday for Jubilee day have fallen this week too. Mini struggles with changes like this, and needs a good strong routine to help him function on a daily basis. To help with the routine change I have plans for every day, although they are flexible, and I’ve also planned quiet time. The plans aren’t big and flashy, we can’t afford day trips out at the moment, and Mini needs to use this holiday to rest before his final half term at school. So they mostly include walks, playground trips, craft activities and baking.

The weekend didn’t go exactly as previously blogged about, our plans changed, and so we kept ourselves busy with a car boot sale visit, games, playtime, haircuts, walks, Dollop and I went out leaving the NC and Mini some boy time together, Mini helped me with the grocery shopping leaving the NC and Dollop at home, and the NC took both kids out giving me a much needed break for an hour. We went to meet our new niece and ate lovely food whilst the children ran around my sister-in-law’s garden with her dog. Mini had some wobbles. We all got tired and less tolerant than usual. Some days were absolutely horrendous.


Today, the NC returned back to work, and it was just me, Mini and Dollop. They slept a little later than usual, and after a leisurely breakfast we played. And then played some more. The children ate snacks, and then we played even more. I am stiff and sore from sitting on the floor most of the day, but I don’t care because I really enjoyed making Lego vehicles with Mini, and then building a Happyland village with Dollop. And I did both of these without the children moaning or whining for attention and without either interfering with the other’s activity. Mini and Dollop were both happy to play by themselves and reading to each other, with me flitting between them (but mostly with Mini).

After a really nice chilled out lunch, where Mini ate everything on his plate, and didn’t question his sandwich filling, it was time for Dollop’s nap. Naptime for her means quiet time for him too, so is usually the point where I pop on a DVD that we can watch together whilst Dollop curls up on me or the sofa for her nap.
Today was his choice – Bambi (we have a big stack of Disney DVDs…OK so *I* have an enormous stack of Disney DVDs), which he’s never seen before. I was a little bit worried - I always cried at Bambi- but he was fine. Then we put on Ratatouille whilst Dollop played by herself and we made more Lego stuff, so it was just on in the background and we all dipped in and out.

The children both amused themselves whilst I cooked dinner. When it was served, both children sat at the table properly without wriggling, and despite Mini saying that his lovely fresh fish looked like brains and refusing to eat it until it was covered in ketchup, we all had a lovely dinnertime this evening. Everything was eaten up, banana splits were polished off too.

Bathtime was great. Quick and easy, and the NC didn’t get too wet either! Bedtime has been wonderful! Both Mini and Dollop are asleep without me or the NC having to return to settle them 3 or 4 times which is the norm!

Oh, and we’ve had no wet clothes today – yay Mini!!!!

This evening I feel so much more chilled. I haven’t felt this way in a long time. Mini has clearly been more chilled too, and has really enjoyed having this one to one time with me. He’s loved the attention, and even when things didn’t go exactly right (missing vital Lego pieces, an accidentally broken toy), he managed to overcome them because we worked together. Mini even told me he loved me completely spontaneously 3 times today, AND thanked me for the things I did for him.

These are the days that I live for. Although most days are tough….really tough, tougher than tough, I’m glad I don’t get these good days *too* often, because if I did, I wouldn’t appreciate how great they really are, and how wonderful Mini can really be.


  1. Great to read that you've had some good time together!

  2. Fab fab fab! Those days are so special and here's to more!

  3. Oh Stix, so pleased to hear about this lovely day. It's amazing what some one on one time can do, isn't it? My sister's girls are both home-educated so we have them here a lot. They're growing into their teens now but the best days we've had with them have always been curled up here with a pile of books, walking along the beach, playing with Lego, and cosying up in bed. Happy memories. R and I are lucky in that we both often work from home (well, I do all the time, R most of the time) so we are able to create a little nest like that. I hope it's something we will continue throughout our child's life as time together feels so precious. Your lovely post has reminded me of the wonder of just 'being' with those we love...