Sunday, 3 June 2012

Haircuts and hassles

This morning went a bit like this: 
Up early, breakfast gobbled quickly and then...

Stix: Time to cut your hair now Mini, do you want me or Daddy to do it?

Mini: Let me think about it.

Stix: Well you need to decide quite quickly Mini because we’re all waiting to use the bathroom and have showers so we can go out, but we need to get your hair cut and you bathed first.

Mini: *Dawdles and tries to look like he’s in deep thought* *Points finger at mummy*

Stix: OK Mini you want me to cut your hair this time. Come on then onto the chair, turn around, try to sit still and we’ll put the cape on.

Mini: *Wriggles and keeps ‘accidentally’ sliding off the chair*

NC: Come on mate, you need to sit still so mummy can do your hair.

Mini: OK, OK. *Sits still enough to have hair cut, but with regular wriggles causing mummy to almost slice off ears!*

Bathtime, went OKish, til it was time to get out and get dry.

Stix: Come on Dollop, let’s get you out first, then Daddy can get Mini.

Mini: *Gets out of bath* I don’t want that towel, it’s stupid.

NC: OK Mini, but there’s nothing else to get dry with. Wipe your feet on the bath mat, come through and then we’ll sort you out. *Walks away expecting Mini to follow*


NC: OK, but you’re going to get cold now, so please come through and we’ll dry you off.

Mini: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. *Puts stupid towel on*

Stix: *Drying Dollop’s hair with hairdryer*

Mini: I wanted to come through first, and I wanted to have my hair dried first, and now I can’t because she’s having her hair done. That means I’m not first and I really wanted to be first. *Hiss*  It’s your fault because I WANTED TO BE FIRST AND I’M NEVER FIRST IT’S ALWAYS HER AND I WANT TO BE FIRST AND NOW MY HAIR WILL BE DRY BEFORE I GET TO USE THE HAIRDRYER!

NC: But you were still in the bathroom when Mummy started on Dollop’s hair, and you didn’t tell anyone you wanted to be first. Now if you hurry up and get dried and dressed – I’ll help you – then you’ll still be able to use the hairdryer before your hair dries.
Mini: BUT I WON’T BE FIRST AND I WANTED TO BE FIRST!!!!!! *Stamps feet, runs around the room, throws clothes across room*

NC: No sweetheart you won’t be first now, but you can still have your hair dried if you hurry up. Come on, let’s put your pants on.

Stix: Look Dollop’s finished now, so once you’re dressed we can do your hair.

Mini: *Grunts* Me do it.

Stix: No, we can do it together, but you need to get your clothes on.

Mini: *Slowly gets clothes on* *Whines* But it’s dry now and so I don’t neeeeeeeed to uuuuuusssseeeee the hairdriiiiiiiiieeeerrrrrr. Sob.

Stix: But we can still run the drier over and make it nice and warm. You turn it on.

And finally, Mini turned it on, we pointed the hairdryer in his vague direction. And happiness was restored…well for about 10minutes until the next episode.

Our whole day has been like this. We have been in and out of the house all day trying to keep ourselves and Mini busy…taking turns, sometimes Mummy and Dollop went out, sometimes Daddy took the children out whilst Mummy went out by herself. I won’t tell you what the reaction was when Mini realised his booster seat had been returned from it’s temporary location in the front to it’s usual position in the back of the car, but it wasn’t pretty! Bedtime was been an improvement on yesterday but was still hard, and it took an hour to settle both children (one of the downsides of having to share a bedroom).

Tomorrow is a new day, and we hope that with sleep, moods will improve (all round). Keep your fingers crossed.


  1. Oh dear sounds fun. Sometimes having just one has it's upsides!

  2. Definitely. I love them both to bits, but Dollop's arrival has brought out a very competative streak in Mini. And he (like most 5 yr olds) is not good at losing.