Friday, 11 May 2012

A weekend away

We're going on holiday!

Mini of course doesn’t know this yet, and will not know this until we pull up and park at our destination.

It’s not a ‘proper’ holiday, but it’s a chance to get away from home for a few days. And it’s the perfect break for us in terms of trialling how Mini will cope with a holiday. My mum and her hubby are coming to visit (they live the other side of the country) and happened to look into the price of a nearby seaside caravan park (as they’d considered camping but it wasn’t going to be good enough weather), as well as the hotels they usually stay at.
For the same price as a hotel for 2 nights for the two of them in our town, Mum found a 3 bed caravan for 3 nights on the coast, and she thought that if there was a chance we might consider joining them she’d book that instead.

After a few days consideration the NC and I felt that this would be a good trial. Mini will still be with us. Mini will still share a bedroom with Dollop. We’ll be a 15/20minute drive away from home if it appears he’s not coping. He’ll love the fact that Nanny and Grandad are there too and it’ll be an adventure.

So later on today, after Mini has performed in his class assembly we’ll bring him home, get him changed, bundle both children into an already packed car, and drive on over!

I’m a bit nervous. I’m not sure how Mini will react. I’m not sure if we’re doing the right thing for him. But we’ve gotta do it sometime, and the NC and I will relax more if we know we’re in a position where we could come home if it’s going Pete Tong.  

Nanny and Grandad read these posts and now have a much better understanding of the issues that Mini faces, and the manifestations of those issues. I think they know that he’s likely to be really good with them, but we might face problems a day or two after they’ve gone back home.  I’m thinking that after just 12 hours in a caravan with them, Mini might relax enough to be himself. This might mean Nanny and Grandad are in for a shock because they’ve never experienced the full force of hurricane Mini (although Nanny has heard the storms brewing over the phone before!). But we’ll take it one step at a time, and I think the NC and I are becoming more confident and better at spotting the signs of an impending meltdown and hopefully we can divert, distract, soothe, regulate, manage or minimise as required.

I’ll report back after the weekend!


  1. Have a wonderful time. Hope all goes swimmingly. Enjoy x

  2. Hope it went well!

  3. Dont know how it went when you got home but Mini was very well behaved with just a couple of moments that could have gone pear shaped but he seemed quite relaxd and happy most of the time and we purposely assured him loads that he is very much loved. Hope he enjoyd it as much as we did xx

  4. Well it sounds from the post above that it was a good weekend. Am hoping that that was your experience and looking forward to reading all about it. xx

  5. hope it went well x