Sunday, 29 April 2012

Illness and Icecream

Mini's been ill again. 
He does seem to be prone to coughs particularly. And he gets those awful hacking coughs that keep him awake at night, and make his throat sore (although he’ll not often tell me that it’s sore, I’m now attuned to the hoarse voice – a sign of absolute soreness!).

I’ve written before about Mini being ill. He’s just not. And even when he is, he won’t tell. I have to use every possible mummy skill in the book to pick up when he’s poorly.  He panics over minor ‘injuries’ – such as a bump to the head by a cushion, or if he purposely ‘slips’ off the sofa, but he doesn’t ‘do’ ill.

This time, he went from 0-60 in seconds. Friday evening he had a cough, which only started at bedtime. The next day the cough continued a little bit, but we went out, spent lots of time outdoors, and then it all went downhill during the 10minute car journey home. Mini was falling asleep in the car, the NC carried him in. He wanted lots of cuddles (great for helping with attachment issues and worries), dozed off on me, woke up, dozed off. Icecream was offered to help with the throat – I was even offering my newly purchased mummy's only Ben and Jerry’s icecream - but before it had been scooped, Mini was sick.

Of course, after that he avoided food. We struggled to get him sipping water. He ASKED to go to bed. He was sick more. Back and forward to bed and bathroom about 4 times.

It was a long night. But I don't care. I made the most of the opportunity to care for Mini, fuss over him and reassure him that I’m here, and that I love him. He's recovered today, and although the cough is still there, the sickness seems to have passed, I'd like to think that the cuddles helped it pass a bit quicker than it might have done...

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