Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Good days and Yays!

So a quick update on recent happenings…

On Monday I met a lady who feels like she’s going to take control of our situation. She’s a parent supporter and she’s coming again next week. And even if she can’t help directly, she’s nice to talk to and she ‘gets’ me. Yay!

On Tuesday Mini went back to school, routine was reinstated. Mini was really really good, and lovely to be around. Yay! 
And I had a lovely catch up with my best friend. Yay! 
And I didn’t get so scared of her cats (this is a major breakthrough!). Double Yay!

On Wednesday (today) we met with our Post Adoption Support Team for the first time….well, just one of them. It felt positive. There were murmurs, OK proper conversations about Theraplay for Mini, with a rough idea of potential timescales. There was talk of action plans. There was coffee. There were lots of notes – mine and his. After an hour and a half, he looked like he’d heard enough. So he photocopied my list of ‘things we are concerned about’ and we went on our way with a promise of an emailed copy of his proposed action plan. Yay!

I appear to have overused the word Yay – is it in fact a real word? Anyways, you get the idea – positive couple of days.


  1. All I can think of to say is..........wait for it.......yup you guessed it......


    Gem xx

  2. Yay! Really interested to hear what adoption support come back with.