Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The boy did good!

Having blogged about the slightly difficult morning we had yesterday, I thought I’d best write about the two days before it which were great!

Mini had been as excited about the Easter Bunny as he is about Santa. He wanted to leave out a snack and drink – so out came an Easter nest cake and a glass of diet coke. We’re not sure where this excitement came from as we’ve never really done the big Easter thing, but hey ho.

He tried his hardest to behave himself on Saturday so the Easter Bunny would come! And she didn’t disappoint, leaving an egg each, alongside pressies and eggs from friends and family.

On Sunday we headed over to the NC’s parents. Mini knew where we were going beforehand, and was looking forward to it. Nanna and Grandad wanted some photos of the four of us so we had a mini photo shoot, then nanna had done a mini egg hunt (although most of the eggs were found pre-photo shoot and had to be hidden again!). Then we had lunch. All went fairly smoothly. Both children got a bit bored with the photo taking, despite it being quite quick. But generally Mini and Dollop did what they were asked, they ate lunch well and we didn’t have any trouble leaving either – result!

On Monday we visited Mini’s foster carer’s daughter and her family. I should explain that during Mini’s time with his foster carer she became ill, and her grown up daughter helped out with Mini. She was pregnant at the time, and her son ‘Signals’ was born 6months after Mini. We see them more often than foster carer, just because it works out that way, and the boys enjoy playing together.
I was a bit nervous about visiting especially as Mini had a good day on the Sunday…they’re usually followed by a bad day. We hadn’t told him where we were going, and in fact he still didn’t know until the front door opened and a head popped out! But, he was well behaved, played with Signals, ate nicely, was polite. Everything went fantastically!

Both children were tired on the way home, but were good enough for us to quickly pop into the Crematorium to ‘visit’ my dad. I went on ahead whilst NC got the kids out. Mini knows why we go to the crematorium; he knows why there is a big chimney. He understands enough. Whilst he was walking over to me with the NC, he said ‘I like coming here to visit grandad, I never met him did I daddy, but coming here helps me remember that he’s mummy’s daddy’.
I must say that when the NC told me this on the way home my eyes did leak a bit!

Slight dampener to the day was Dollop shoving her fingers down her throat in the car – initially with much giggling, then with much encouragement from Mini, then eventually with much vomiting! I don’t think she’ll be doing it again, and Mini didn’t like the smell so he won’t be involved again either!

But generally, we had a great two days. Mini didn’t go onto the sad face at all. We had a bit of silliness before bedtime, but that’s not unusual especially after long tiring days. Mini was happy, cuddly and a pleasure to be around.
Well done Mini- you did good this Easter weekend!

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