Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Surprising success!

The school nurse has called again. This was a massive surprise as I wasn't really expecting to hear from her again. Ever.

This time she tells me she still can’t get any kind of family support or behavioural help for us. This is because we’re already receiving behavioural advice from CAMHS and they don’t want to overlap services. I explain (again) that CAMHS are giving us behavioural advice, but only behavioural advice, and possibly at some point in the future, some play/art therapy.

I calmly remind her that she’d originally promised me some parent support, not behavioural help. 
I calmly remind her that she’d promised me all sorts of referrals, but she was now reneging on every single one of them.
I politely, but firmly suggest that she might like to try again to get the parent support for me and the NC before we cracked up or murdered each other. She agrees (sounding very unhopeful) to try again.
I calmly put the phone down. And given the lack of practical help we’ve had from her so far, forgot about it as I didn’t expect to hear from her again.

20 minutes later the phone rang. Surprisingly, it was the school nurse again. She tells me that she’d spoken to the family/parent support unit again and they agreed that because the CAMHS work was purely for Mini, that we should be able to get ‘parent’ support through them. Although she reminds me that the school still have to agree and sign some paperwork for the referral to formally be put through.

She promises to speak with the new SENCO at Mini’s school. The great thing about this is that the new SENCO happens also to be Mini’s class teacher. This is also the class that I read with once a week and visit for every single open morning/stay and play session. I’m hoping that given our good relationship and the fact that I am now the only mum that helps out with reading, this might work in our favour, a bit of mutual back-scratching. At least I see her twice a day so can chase, remind,  follow up at regular intervals.

Now it’s a bit too early to celebrate any kind of success here, but I’m remaining calm, and remaining hopeful that the school nurse might finally be coming through!

In other news, Mini’s not been too bad this week so far. I’ve had some lovely cuddles. Mini and Dollop have played nicely together. Mini reacted really well to us slightly rearranging his toys while he was at Nanna and Grandad’s at the weekend. We have had several over-reactions to minor injuries, but a few plasters have fixed them all. Mini has asked if he can write to his birth mother, and I dealt with it well and he was satisfied with my reply. I hope the week continues this way!


  1. Good news - we have had a great 'over reaction' to a non splinter - was thinking of you at the time!

    1. Did you use a magic plaster? What is your approach when Bonzo has reactions like Mini's?

  2. Asking to write to birth mum - how do you handle that one? My two boys have never asked, but my eldest has asked us to put messages in the letters we send her, and sometimes I quietly 'forget'. Last time he asked us to say to her "I wish I didn't have to leave you" :-(

    1. Thats so sad. Mini's asked me to let them know he's ok, but nothing like yours...

      Mini knows I write to birth mum (letterbox twice a year). I've only just written so I told him we weren't allowed to write again til september, and if he still wanted to then, he could.
      Mini's just learning to write and has taken an interest in writing to our friends and family members, I think he's just trying to think of people he's not written to yet! And I think he'll have forgotten by September.

      It's hard though...

  3. Great news, Stix. Glad you've stuck to your guns and hope she comes through with the goods. Just done a blog on 'letterbox contact'. Always a tough one. I am getting a lot of requests/demands during his 'grumps' for his BPs. That's a whole new blog I think :)

  4. Ah, the dreaded letterbox. Will pop over and have a look in a min :-)