Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mother's Day with Mini

I expect there will be an influx of posts today and tomorrow from mummy bloggers across the UK as we mark Mother’s Day. Here’s a bit about mine so far….

With vast amounts of forethought, I ordered a box of chocolates from the milkman this week (which was free when you ordered enough other stuff). I left a roll of wrapping paper at the bottom of the stairs, and I marched the NC to the shop during the week to buy his Mother’s Day card for his mum (the others – for my mum and my nans were bought and written weeks ago). By making NC buy his mum’s card, it reminds him to buy one from the kids for me – ulterior motive you see! Plus I figure he knows his mother best and should choose what he thinks she’d like.

Several times, whilst at Morrisons the NC asked me which flowers I’d like for Mother’s Day, or if there was anything else he should buy. I asked him not to waste his money…all you other mummies out there know what this really means though don’t you??!!
Really I don’t want him to waste money, we have a car that failed it’s MOT this week and we can’t afford to repair it at the moment, so money really ought to go on that. And it’s my birthday in just over a week, so I feel a bit greedy having pressies so close together when money is needed elsewhere…but still….

So, on the day - instead of a much desired sleep-in, I get kicked in the back by Dollop at 6.50am. Mini then comes in at 7.10am. With the premise of needing the toilet, Mini and the NC disappear for 15minutes to make a coffee, wrap up the chocs I’d bought and write my card (my husband does not have forethought!). Eventually they return, and I unwrap my present, open my card and let my coffee go cold.
I venture downstairs and am offered toast. Not croissants and jam, or smoked salmon and scrambled egg. I can’t even have beans on my toast because the washing up from last night (when we invited the in-laws to stay for dinner after they’d had Mini over to play), is stacked on every available surface (including the hob!).

Happy Mother’s Day me!

But do you know what. I can just about forgive the NC, because without him, I wouldn’t have the two beautiful children I have. Despite the bad times - and sometimes they are really bad – I still get that warm fuzzy feeling when I look at either of my kids. They’re mine and I love them, they love me.

And anyway, I got a beautiful homemade ‘thing’ that Mini made with me at school on Friday  - best mother’s day pressie ever! Oh and Dollop gave me a big slobbery kiss in bed too. We'll see what the rest of the day holds, but hopefully it'll include lots of hugs and kisses from my kiddies!


  1. This made me smile lots. Loving the fact you were made a 'thing'. 'Things' are always the best. Men can be so useless and I bet at some point you were asked to thank him for his efforts, right? :) They mean well though. I'm thinking you did well with the toast. Pickle made me....weetabix! Though he was adamant he had to do it all by himself. :)

    1. 'Things' are indeed the best.

      I'm lucky - the NC didn't expect a thank you. He gave me a hug and an apology, and went to buy nice food for lunch and my favourite flowers - several bunches of daffs to make up for the bad start! He redeemed himself!

      The weetabix sounds lovely - you do like weetabix right??!