Tuesday, 6 March 2012

A Mini breakthrough!

This week has been pretty good. We’ve had no major meltdowns and only one or two minor meltdowns.

The weekend was approached with care and tactful handling by both me and the NC. Although we try to keep visits/parties/events etc from Mini until the last minute, his classmate’s party had been spoken about all week at school – by everyone. It was to be the event of the year it seemed. Mini was surprisingly calm about it all.

He came home from school on Thursday with a strange rash on his face, which when I questioned if someone had slapped him, made me realise it was of course, Slapped Cheek. He looked dreadful, but of course by the time we’d notice the rash, the contagious part had been and gone. It didn’t take long for the rash to spread, and in fact it’s still over his arms and legs, but faded from the face now. He felt fine to go to school Friday, and of course - the party (which was pretty cool by Mini’s standards – a bouncy castle, disco and bubble machine for 2 hrs in a small church hall, with 30+ 5yr old boys plus a few girls running around!), and after the party, the rest of the weekend was calm and pleasant with a film, popcorn, games, playing, finger painting, a walk in the rain and puddle splashing. Success!!!

However, Mini woke up Monday morning with a high temperature, and had barely slept due to a hacking cough. So he stayed at home. Mini would not admit he felt ill, he wouldn’t admit he felt hot, Mini would not admit anything!
But the breakthrough came when he allowed me to cuddle him, and fuss over him, providing water, calpol, cuddles, kisses, snacks and blankets as required. He allowed himself to be ill, and he allowed me to care about and for him.

Many cuddles, a couple of doses of calpol, a better night’s sleep and Mini’s gone back to school today.
I feel a little bit more like a real mum – you know, the one who’s supposed to be able to care for her children, the one whose cuddles make everything better…yeah, today - that’s me!


  1. Don't beat yourself up about not being a real mum for him - you ARE a real mum for him and Dollop and he will let you do things for him as it suits him....just because he doesn't all of the time doesn't make you any less of a mum xx

    1. Not beating myself up, just being pleased with myself that the expectations I had before being a mum are slowly becoming realised... x

  2. That is a Maxi-breakthrough for both you and Mini. Your post made me smile. Had an equally good day here. Pickle only called me 'rude' once. Whoop whoop!! x