Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Magic moments

We had a lovely evening and I just had to write about it, as I feel that sometimes this blog is too negative. Don't get me wrong, this is a blog about behaviour, and if it was good all the time, there'd be nothing interesting to write about, but sometimes, we need reminding of those moments that make it all worthwhile.

After school, Mini decides to finish (after about 6 weeks) his letter to Nanny and Grandad (who live a long way away and we haven't seen them since before Christmas). So moment number 1 - he makes a choice. He picked what paper to write his letter on.
This is big as Mini really struggles with decision making. We remove them where possible, but sometimes he beats us to it!

For moment number 2, he wrote a letter to them without getting upset when he made a mistake :-) He just rubbed it out, and tried again.

After this Mini did some maths work, working slowly and methodically - breakthrough number 3. Normally he rushes, gets it wrong, gets frustrated, then gives up and has a meltdown. Today he didn't do any of those.

Then Mini and Dollop played together, in the pop up tunnel, with her toys, with his toys. No arguments or snatching - this was moment number 4!

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, number 5 popped up - Mini didn't bug me about what we were having for dinner. When it arrived, he ate it nicely, quickly and at the table.

Wow, so for all this, Mini worked up the super-happy faces to number 3, and had a dip in the grab bag. Tonight it was the promise of an extra bedtime story, which he was thrilled to bits with.

I'm really proud of my kids tonight, they have been lovely and a real pleasure to be around. I even got a sticker from Mini. It says 'Wow' - and apparently it's because I'm a really wow mum - I think that's a compliment :-)


  1. Absolutely wonderful to read hun, big hugs xxxx

  2. Tis good, we have had a really good day as well - amazing what can happen when you have no preschool, see no friends........ Bonzo has his first party tomorrow, let's see how that pans out!!!

    1. Good luck Bonzo - I hope he enjoys himself - not too much, but just enough if you know what I mean!

  3. Sounds like 'happiness' indeed and reminds me of something a friend of mine says that you are only as happy as your unhappiest child! Meaning when your children are content then we are truly happy. Wishing you more days like these

  4. Having followed your journey recently, this is such a lovely post to read. What a wonderful day this must have been :) I so admire all of the fabulous things you do with your kids - choosing something 'special' for an extra happy day seems so appropriate. Thanks for linking up to Oldies but Goodies :)

  5. What a lovely happy post. What a fantastic set of achievements off Mini :)