Thursday, 29 March 2012

Birthdays and brain scans

Today is my birthday. Today Mini has made a real effort to be lovely. Today Mini has mostly been fantastic and I’m so proud of him!

Today at 8.30am I was at the hospital with Mini whilst he chose a video (yes video, Mini didn’t know what they were!) to watch whilst he had an Electroencephalogram (EEG). For those of you who don’t know, it’s a test where 23 electrodes are stuck all over the head, and one on each wrist, and then brain signals are measured. At various points he had to close, then reopen his eyes. The final bit involved a large lamp being directed at Mini’s face which shone strobe lights into his eyes. Again he had to open and close his eyes during this. This test is as a result of recently seeing the paediatric neurologist following the seizure back in January. An EEG is one of the tests used to rule in/out epilepsy and is around 75% accurate.

For a child who struggles with choice, just picking out a video was a big achievement. Especially when there was a choice of over 100 videos.
Not only that, Mini did absolutely everything asked of him, when it was asked. He was polite, chatty with the neurologist and sat still when needed. He was even cheeky with the neurologist – “at my last hospital appointment I got a sweetie and a sticker didn’t I mummy?!” Luckily they had a stash of stickers at the ready and my bag contained appropriate sugary treats! And the NC was waiting outside with a Dr Who magazine.

For my birthday, Mini and Dollop gave me a beautiful print that I’ve been wanting for a while which the NC is going to frame for me. They also gave me a lovely card (picked by Mini) with a ‘No1 Mum’ badge on it, and Mini wrote it out himself.  I have been spoilt with presents, and whilst Mini was at school, the NC and Dollop took me out to lunch at my favourite veggie eatery! Followed by a Starbucks and cake a bit later – yum!

So all well, until just after Mini and Dollop had eaten when Mini had a bit of a meltdown. I suspect this was due to tiredness (we had to wake him up this morning), and he didn’t settle well last night after confiding to me that he was nervous about the EEG. We’d had to tell him before hand to give us time to prepare him. Going to the hospital is pretty scary, and we felt this was one thing he needed to know about before we got there. Poor thing was worried that they’d break his head when they put the electrodes on…

First he screamed at me (I’d asked him to go for a wee before we went for a walk), then after refusing, he hit me. Both screaming and hitting mean time out. Timeout normally consists of sitting on our front door mat, often being cuddled if we think he needs/wants it. Timeout tonight consisted of attempting to run away and climb over the sofa, but mostly it consisted of bashing, slapping and punching daddy – lots and lots and lots. Daddy was so upset he couldn’t finish time out.  Mummy finished it, then got a cuddle and an apology. Mini still needed some cuddles before he was ready to go to the toilet and go out, but he did it, and we went out.

In fact, despite a bit of a difficult patch this evening, Mini was so good today, he even got to go in the grab bag. Today’s treat was an enormous pair of novelty sunglasses for the dressing up box. Much hilarity and laughing has already ensued over said glasses…long may that bit of the day continue.


  1. Firstly Happy Birthday!!! Wishing you a happy and healthy year ahead.

    Bless Mini. It must have taken so much effort for him to behave for so long and it all came screaming out at once. I hope things have calmed down now. How long til you get results? xx

    1. Thank you :-)
      Assuming all is well with this scan, we have no appointments til July(!). If something comes up at the scan we might get called in sooner, but otherwise it'll be July before we know what happens next. Unless of course he has more seizures, in which case we'll be straight back there!

  2. Happy birthday, lovely lady. Good Boy, Mini. Well done on being such a great boy. That's tough for all of you to go through. You're an amazing lady. xx

    1. Thanks Claire. The boy did good (mostly!). :-)