Friday, 24 February 2012

We've got to go through it!

A little later than expected, Glenda (the primary mental health worker who visited a couple of weeks ago) called.
I was hoping she'd have some good news about a Theraplay referral. She didn't, but she continued to be supportive and helpful and made all the right noises when I'd told her about our two weeks.

I suspect she may hold back on getting us that elusive Theraplay appointment as she seems concerned about the number of other referrals we're waiting on at the moment. Her previous advice was to cancel them all except for childrens outpatients following Mini's seizure. To be honest I'm a little  really disappointed that we've not received any of the referral appointments yet - community paediatrician, children's outpatients/neurology, family support worker, parent support worker, and no follow up from the school nurse whom I'd found so positive and helpful. The only two of these I now intend to follow up are the children's outpatient/neurology and the parent support work, but still, to have heard nothing is quite frustrating.

So we carry on as before, lots of love, affection, cuddles and reassuring. Glenda assures me that things will improve soon as we're doing all the right things, and we've got to go through it all. I did point out that we've been doing all the same things for 4 years and it's only getting worse. I didn't mean to sound negative, but we are feeling frustrated, that's why we asked for help in the first place.
Of course, it's reassuring to know we're doing the right thing but it's really difficult knowing that things aren't getting any easier for Mini, and there is this closed little area in his head that none of us ever see inside. That little area contain all his anxieties and scary feelings, but they're all locked away so he has to try to deal with them on his own.

Glenda is visiting again in 2 weeks time to discuss further, and to give that important outpatient referral a chance to turn up.

For now, we look forward to this afternoon as the NC, Dollop and I are going to see Mini perform in his class showing assembly - we'll get to see everything he's been learning about including the whole class reciting 'We're going on a bear hunt'. Then I'm feeding back to Mini's class teacher about my conversations with Glenda....'but I'm not scared, it's a beautiful day'.


  1. Do you have the book 'The Huge Bag of Worries'? Another one I would recommend!

    LL has lots of worries and we are working hard to try and get them out ... I wish they had a little window into 'that bit' that they find difficult to/can't open up. : ( x

    1. I'll definitely look that one up!
      A little window would be so helpful, or even just a valve so some of the pressure could be released... x