Sunday, 5 February 2012

The 'Shrektacles' and the snow

We’ve had a really positive weekend, and although the NC and I feel shattered, it’s been worth it as Mini has been so well behaved.

At school they use a reward and warning system with happy and sad faces. All the children start the day on the happy face, and when they’re good they move to the super happy face, when they’re not so good, they move to the sad face.
We mirror the system here, but our sad and super-happy faces are numbered. On the sad face, 1 = a toy being removed for the remainder of the day, 2 = 5 minutes on time out and 3 = a trip or treat being cancelled. On the happy face, 1 = lots of extra kisses and cuddles, 2 = a couple of sweets/choc buttons and 3 = a dip in the grab bag (lucky dip bag containing all sorts from mini boxes of coco pops, to jelly eyeballs, to a new yo-yo, bell for his bike, new books, colouring pens etc).

Mini always starts the day on the happy side, and yesterday he was so good he made it all the way up to number 3 on the super happy face and earned himself a treat. He was so pleased.

We were concerned about how yesterday would turn out as we’d booked an opticians appointment after receiving a letter following Mini’s school health check (the permission slip for which led us to Seizures and School Nurses ). Turns out that he’s long-sighted and needs glasses. I must admit that I was more than a little bit surprised (and a bit guilty if truth be told) as he’s never indicated any problems to us, or complained of headaches, or needed to hold books away to look at them. But the optician reassured me and said it wasn’t unusual to miss long-sightedness. He hasn’t developed a squint and his eyes both move together, and as Mini’s never known any different he wouldn’t have known that anything was wrong himself.  So the newly christened ‘Shrektacles’ have been ordered and are expected next weekend, so named as they have a little picture of the big green ogre on the side.  Mini had to sit really still whilst he had eye drops for the first time ever and we spent a good couple of hours in the opticians (bar a 20minute walk whilst the drops did their work). He was such a brave boy, was well-mannered, polite and did everything asked of him. Daddy treated us all to a coffee at Starbucks and Mini even got a Twizzle-Pop! And no wetting episodes til late afternoon.

At Mini’s request, he also went with the NC to get the car looked at, and spent a good hour and a half wandering around shops with his daddy (whilst the car was supposed to be up on the ramps – a whole other story!), without any problems at all. And came home in a really good mood.

Snow today, so playing outside was of course the cause of much excitement – as was christening the sledge! Mini did get a little overexcited and kept just burying himself in the snow, but he soon calmed down and enjoyed himself.
He’s painted posters today, drawn pictures, watched Shrek on and off, eaten nicely, played with Dollop, looked at books, spoken to nanna on the phone, tidied his toys.  No exceptional behaviour, none particularly bad either, and so Mini has remained on the happy face all day – a really great achievement to have gone all weekend without appearing on the sad face at all.

These are the weekends that make it worthwhile. And although me and NC will be crashed out on the sofa by 9pm tonight, we’ve had a fun weekend with our great kids!

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