Thursday, 19 January 2012

It was going so well...

So, after two lovely days with no tantrums, some good great behaviour with lots of stickers, happy faces and cuddles, we’re back to hard-to-deal-with Mini again today.

The only thing we’ve done differently the last two days is ignore his reading/words practice, which we normally do after snack time. Last night Dollop went to bed early, which gave Mini and I some 1:1 time, and given his great mood I took the opportunity to do it then, but it was very unplanned. So today, I decided again to ignore reading, and had planned some nice snacks and as a little treat, one of those chocolate gravel filled straws that turn the milk chocolate-flavoured… :-o

Before we’d even all got through the front door, Mini was having a meltdown. ‘Oh no’ he says,’ I think my trousers are wet, mummy yes, yes they are a little bit, but my pants are dry, so I haven’t wet myself have I. Oh, actually… waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, I won’t get my stiiiiiiiiiicker’ <Stamps feet, throws wet smelly trousers at Dollop, throws self on sofa>

I should explain that we’ve recently -at Mini’s request- gone back to a reward chart for ‘dry days’, so his disappointment was not about the wet trousers, but about not getting a sticker on the chart. Now this is a tiny victory – as he means he understood the consequence of wetting himself, sadly not soon enough to prevent it though.

So, this tantrum goes on <flings wet pants in same direction as wet trousers>, and I decide it’s either time-out (normally reserved for specific behaviours so that Mini learns the consequence for those particular things or given with a warning), or time-in (which we try to do often, hence a back injury that will never get better as long as I try to comfort a somewhat wriggly, strong, long 5 year old).
My choice? Time-in. Which works, unfortunately in the meantime this sets off Dollop, who really wanted a nice cuddle, but couldn’t because I was trying to comfort Mini. Ho-hum.

I put Mini down, and he instantly starts wailing again because ‘I don’t want to go all the way upstairs to get clean pants. I want my snack – NOW!’.  Deep breath as I try to think of a natural consequence of Mini wearing no pants – one that he’ll be vaguely bothered by….’You’ll get a cold bum, sitting at the table if you don’t have them on, and then you won’t enjoy your snacks’. It works, he’s upstairs quick as a shot, fetching pants, getting changed, and in no time at all, Mini and Dollop are both sat nicely at the table, eating snacks.

Now they’re playing with Dollop’s Happyland figures….she’s got the postman and his van, he’s got the fairies and rabbits! Oh, and there's a whoopee cushion involved too??!!??
Can it last the next 3 hours til bedtime??

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